In an effort to keep our students safe and our parents well prepared, Athens City Schools is issuing an early weather notice for tomorrow.

Due to the forecast for Thursday, March 30, Athens City Schools advises parents to be aware of the possibility of schedule changes at some point during the school day tomorrow.

According to authorities, the forecast becomes increasingly difficult for Thursday as the next wave of severe weather approaches from the west. The Storm Prediction Center has placed our area under a moderate risk of severe weather.

While every effort is made to consider the disruption a schedule change creates for parents, our first priority is student safety.  When early dismissal is necessary, the timing must consider travel time for buses to be sure all students are safe at their destinations before the predicted weather is upon us.  When a school schedule is adjusted, it is always based on the best information available at the time.

Please be alert and prepared tomorrow for the possibility of an adjustment to the school day.  However, until an official notice is posted, school will proceed as usual.

To be the first to receive an alert, follow us on Twitter @AthensALSchools  for the most up to date news from the district.  


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