The Athens City School Board approved Dr. Trey Holladay’s plan to designate themed academies at the system’s four elementary schools.  Beginning in the Fall 2017, Cowart Elementary will become a STEM themed  school. In the Fall of 2018, Athens Elementary will be designated as Computer Science Academy. Brookhill will focus on Fine Arts and Julian Newman will target Health and Medical.  A fourth theme, Environmental Studies, will remain open for future development should another K-3 school be built in Athens.

Students will be assigned to the school within their designated school zone; however, students may apply  for enrollment at a different academy.  Acceptance at an academy outside the zoned school will be based on space availability.  

“Each elementary will continue teaching to the same standards. The difference is that these standards will be taught through academy specific themes,” said Holladay. Students will receive the instruction that they always have with the added bonus of having projects and activities focused on the theme of their school.  

Four academy themes were recommended to the Superintendent following a collaborative process that involved teachers, parents, and school leaders.  To garner input, surveys were distributed to the community and a public meeting was held.

Now that the academies have been named, each school will form an advisory committee consisting of membership from teachers, parents and community partners.  This committee will work  together to help create a defined vision and specific details that align with the school’s theme.  


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