“People with passion can change the world for the better.” – Steve Jobs

Olivia Stephens is a student with passion. A rising senior at Athens High School, Olivia has found her niche in the Career Tech classes of Mrs. Lori Jones. She was recently elected to the Alabama State Officer Team as the State Secretary for FBLA. Olivia has one older sister, and she is a triplet with two brothers. She is not just passionate about business. Olivia’s hobbies include going to the river and spending time with friends. She attends Refuge Church and is the manager of the Athens High School volleyball team. She loves dogs, and her favorite ice cream is vanilla.

Q:  What first interested you about FBLA? I became interested in Future Business Leaders of America because it was a great way to get involved with the school and meet new people. My sister was a member when she was in high school and always said great FBLAthings about FBLA. Athens FBLA advisors, Mrs. Lori Jones and Mrs. Brandi Foster, also made me gain more interest in joining after I saw their dedication to the club and all of time and energy they put into helping students become successful and gain leadership skills beyond the classroom. It has helped me become more aware of the importance of business application in my daily life and has given other students, including me opportunities in leadership, community service, and exposure to real-life experiences. Becoming the FBLA State Secretary has given me the chance to travel and work with the Alabama State Officer fbla 2Team and my State Officer Adviser, Mrs. Lori Jones. The biggest surprises of being involved in FBLA are the organization’s involvement with the March of Dimes, an organization helping premature babies, as well as the huge responsibilities of the State Officer Team. I believe serving as the FBLA State Secretary is going to be a very rewarding experience!

Q:  Do you have a teacher or mentor who has influenced or inspired you? Mrs. Willis, my 10th grade Honors English teacher and now my AP Language teacher, has helped me realize my love for English and aspirations to teach English to other people. She is so kind and helpful in everything she does, including helping me with my campaign speech while running for FBLA State Secretary, and she always pushes me to become an even better student and person every day.

Q:  What are three words you would use to describe yourself? Three words I would olivia stephens fblause to describe myself are confident, kind, and hardworking. I look up to my teachers, and especially my mother, who show poise and confidence in all they do that radiates onto others. I could not be FBLA State Secretary without pushing myself every day to perform all tasks to the best of my ability.

Q:  How would you describe Athens High School to someone from another city? Athens High School is truly an amazing school to attend. It is definitely challenging at times, but with the help of all the teachers and staff, it is so rewarding. Clubs like FBLA are very involved in the community and provide a great way to represent this fabulous high school. If one thing is for sure, we are all about football season. There is school spirit with everyone in school and throughout this town. Athens High School is always ready to give a warm welcome to everyone who walks through the school doors.

Q:  At this point in high school, do you have any college and career aspirations? I am a huge Auburn fan. I plan on attending college there with my brothers and majoring in English minoring in Global Studies. My aspirations in life are to provide a fun, innovative, and effective education to everyone. I truly believe that helping others is my calling in life, and teaching English is one way of reaching my goals.


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