From small seeds grow mighty trees. The teachers of Athens City Schools work tirelessly green sproutto root the students of this community with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. They nurture these students from elementary through high school to be sure they have the chance to grow, develop and produce much fruit in each of their lives.

Teachers do so much for our students. They inspire, motivate and prepare them for the future. Teachers change the lives of children every day, and their work and impact extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom. There is real value in setting aside a special time to honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating our children.

Athens City Schools celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week May 1-5. Parents, students and organizations across Athens  pulled together to express sincere appreciation for the remarkable work teachers do every single day.

A walk down the hall in any of our schools this week would reveal the many ways our community comes together to show our gratitude – students delivering flowers; parents relieving teacher’s for a quiet lunch; special meals delivered by individuals; sweet treat trays and snack in every corner; full luncheons prepared and lovingly served by Parent Teacher Friends organizations. It truly takes a village to give a proper “thank you” to our teachers, and our village turned out in spades.

Parents for Teacher Appreciation
Julian Newman parents Shannon Hutton, Cynthia Leonard, Tiffany Seibert, Melody Miller and Laura Tarokh

The Athens City Schools Foundation also found a way to show gratitude to our teachers this year. While many of the gifts of the foundation  are material in nature, supporting teachers means more than just funding projects. It means encouraging and celebrating teachers in the invaluable work they do each day.

Teacher Appreciation Week inspired the Athens City Schools Foundation board members to share the spirit of encouragement with a truly sweet reminder. Board members personally delivered a caramel covered apple to each  teacher, staff member and administrator in every Athens school.

“An apple cements its place in history that a teacher plants the seed of hope into the heart of a child. With the ACS Foundation giving the personal touch of delivering the apples to each school , it reminds teachers we are appreciated for our efforts,” said Brookhill Elementary principal Phillip Jarmon.

This article is a thank you to the special teachers we’ll never forget. To the teachers who encourage despite the odds, who are always there to reassure and believe in children – thank you. To the teacher whose smile can light up a room, who encourages dreams and believed in all possibilities – thank you. To the teacher who teaches that if you do your best and give your all, you can achieve remarkable feats – thank you. To the teacher who enters the classroom each day with a fresh perspective, compassion and a servant’s heart – thank you.

Some teachers always know just what to say. Other teachers can gently persuade students to walk the line when they veer off course. Still other teachers are always ready to wipe a tear and hand out a much needed hug.

We celebrate, cheer and shout from the rooftops to our amazing, special, patient, good ginko
talented, dedicated, truly incredible teachers. Our sincerest thanks to you for who you are, what you do and what it means to this community and the lives of our students. You plant the seeds of tomorrow, feed it with nutrients, warm it with light and water it to bring forth life.

You are the master gardeners of our most precious assets. For your care and commitment, we give humble thanks.


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