Martin & Cobey Construction reports that phase two of the Athens High School Project has entered the midst of the first-floor construction schedule.  Above grade Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) installation is underway.  Above grade CMU is one of the most important components of the construction schedule.  Above grade CMU is nearing completion in the band and choir area, and structural steel support beam installation has begun.  First-floor above grade CMU is 85% complete in Area A2.  Area A2 extends across the north student entrance, through the flex space in the NE corner and then along the east to the school’s main entrance.  Upon completion of the first-floor CMU in Area A2, precast, hollow-core, concrete slab installation will take place.  The hollow core slab system is the primary  structural component of the second-floor system.

Once all CMU and steel beams are complete in the band and choir area, the steel joist system and roof deck will be installed.  When hollow core slab installation is complete in Area A2, a three-inch concrete topping will be poured on top.  These activities will provide the limits of the space that the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) rough-in will occupy above the first-floor ceilings.  MEP rough-in will begin with sprinkler piping, ductwork and mechanical hydronic piping.  MEP rough-in is a long lead time activity, and its start marks a critical point in the construction schedule.

Although construction is progressing very well, the school system is developing contingency plans in case the building is not finished in time for the beginning of the 2018 school year.  Dr. Holladay noted at the May 11 Board of Education meeting that even if the high school is not finished by August 2018, grades 6-8 middle school students and staff will go ahead and move to the existing AHS building, and the 4th graders will go ahead and move to Athens Intermediate School.  Temporary plans will be made to house grades 9-12 until the new school is complete.


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